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Well, making a sandboard is pretty easy. Just follow the indications
below and you will have a home made sandboard.

Before you start making it you will need the following materials:

  • 1 piece of strong, but light wood of about 50 inches long, 10 inches wide, and 0.5 inches thick
    (these measurements can vary)
  • 1 piece of formica (or carmica) of the same size( It is very thin and is covered withsome kind of hard plastic.
    It is used to cover furniture, desks, etc.).
  • 2 straps of heavy duty cloth (to use them as straps).
  • Good glue, screws and paint (optional)

Well, the first thing you have to do is round off the corners of the board you have bought.
Then slightly cut the sides in a little.The board should end up looking like this:


Then you have to do the hardest part of it all, BEND THE SIDES. What you have to do is put
the board in water for about 2 days with something very heavy on it like bricks.
If you don't understand look at this picture:


Leave it this way for a whole day (24 HOURS) and take it off.
Hopefully it will stay with the same shape it had when you had it clamped on.
Sometimes it does go down a bit, but not much. This is how it should look:


Now you have to glue the *formica* or the *carmica* on the bottom of the board.
Make sure the sides are glued extra firmly, because if not, the sand will start opening it
up and getting in. This leads to a board with a bumpy, and future broken bottom.


Take the strong cloth you bought (it can be leather if you like) and screw them on the board.
In this picture you can see the positions were you are supposed to screw them on:


Well, now this is optional, but highly recommended. Paint the surface of the board with whatever colors,
and if you want you can paint your favorite logo, your name, add some stickers, etc on it.
This is an example of a finished board:
Now take your board, go to the nearest dune and try it out.
Remember to use wax every time you slide on the board.
Be ready to receive a couple hard falls the first times you try it out!!!

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions email us.

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